15 Coolest Islands in the World

Palm Islands 


Sure, you could have a really nice vacation on an island like Hawaii or the Bahamas, but that’s boring! Why not visit something more interesting like one of these coolest islands in the world!

Some of the coolest islands in the world are man made and some of the coolest man made islands are located in Dubai, called the Palm Islands. They aren’t completely finished yet, but Palm Jumeirah is nearly finished and already has a lot of residents and hotels open on the location. That island alone doubled Dubai’s natural coastline!



The nation of Madagascar is the 4th largest island on the planet and home to some of the most unique species. It separated from the rest of the African continent about 165 million years ago and it’s wildlife has evolved independently from the rest of the world ever since. This has led to the astonishing fact that 90% of it’s plant and animal species can only be found on that island. Some examples include the Baobab tree and lemurs.

Easter Island 


Easter Island is home to one of the world’s great mysteries: how exactly did the unadvanced Polynesians who lived on the island create and move the giant Maoi statues the island is famous for. There are 887 of the statues in total on the island in varying states of transport from the quarry from which the stone they were built of came from. And though there are many theories for how the early society could have moved these huge stones, the true answer is still unknown.



Sealand is an artificial island and one of the smallest island in the world. It is technically the Principality of Sealand and is by some considered a micronation though it isn’t actually formally recognized as such. It is actually a former sea fort called Maunsell Sea Fort and it is located off the coast of Suffolk, England. Since 1967 the family and friends of Paddy Roy Bates have claimed the island as their own nation. It rarely has more than ten people on the island at any one time and only has 5,920 square feet of living space.



Gorgona is known as Colombia’s Alcatraz. From the 1950s to the 1980s the island was home to a maximum security prison which is now closed. In 1985 the island was declared a natural national park and the prison buildings have been overgrown with vegetation. Tourist groups of only 80 at a time are allowed to visit the island but are strictly monitored so they don’t wander off and endanger themselves or the local wildlife which includes many endangered species including the blue lizard of Gorgona.

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